Work with Shannon

As a financial planner, I think the biggest challenge for people when it comes to achieving their financial goals is a lack of connection with money matters. Most people find personal finance topics esoteric or difficult to digest, but it’s not the topics that are difficult to understand, it’s the delivery of the concepts.

One of the best things I do for my clients is to help them understand their money and their relationship with money. I do this by relating concepts that people grasp like physical fitness, weight loss or road trip analogies with money. Once my clients make a connection with their money, then they start to achieve the goals that they have set.

I have created a number of different speaking programs based on my success with my clients, and I have targeted programs depending on where you are in your financial journey. My goal is to make financial education, fun, engaging, and educational. My clients and audiences feel empowered in their newfound understanding of their money. Here are some examples of what I speak about:

High School Students / Parents

  • Choosing A College Can Make You Financially Fat or Financially Fit: Make Sure You Choose Wisely
  • Creating Smart Money Plans For Your College Years
  • Keeping Your Finances In Shape While You Are In School

College and Graduate Students

  • Financial Fitness Boot Camp
  • Will You Be Financially Fat When You Graduate?
  • Navigating Student Loans

Employer Groups

  • Financial Fitness Boot Camp
  • Your Benefits Beyond Your 401k
  • Are You Financially Fit?