I am Shannon McLay, a financial planner who is passionate about making financial fitness fun and attainable for everyone. After 13 years of working in the financial services sector for large and small companies, I realized that there was not enough focus and attention on financial health and helping others achieve financial health. No matter how wonderful a financial services company is, at the end of the day, they have to sell products to you so that they can make money. These products include anything from credit cards to bank accounts to investment accounts. The products are great, but what about hands-on help for your financial journey?

I started my own company, Next-Gen Financial in 2013 with hands-on financial help as my primary focus. I technically work as a financial planner with my clients; however, in reality I am more like a financial trainer pushing my clients to achieve their financial fitness goals. No matter how responsible we are with money, I think we could all use help in making financial decisions.

My work with my clients inspired me to write my first book, Train Your Way to Financial Fitness. This book is the best way you can work with me while not having to pay me other than the cost of the book. I truly believe that the book is unique when compared to other personal finance books and a wonderful tool no matter where you are in your financial journey.

In 2014, I expanded my business to including speaking. I love speaking and engaging with people in small and large group settings. I have a number of talks that are geared for various age and experience levels. I speak to high school students, college students, graduate students and employees. If you would like to hire me to speak to your group, please click on my speaker page for more details.

When I am not helping clients, or speaking, I am writing for my blog, Financially Blonde, AOL Jobs and Money Saving Pro. In the midst of all of this work, I love spending time with my husband, my eight-year-old son and our cat. For fun I love to read, cook, travel and drink a glass of wine or two.